• The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana is a non-profit organization from Naples that protects and promotes the recipes and preparation guidelines of the true Neapolitan pizza (verace pizza napoletana) worldwide.

  • Denominazione di Origine Protetta. The quality mark D.O.P. shows that a product is legally guaranteed by the EU to be authentic, or made in the original town or region with real ingredients.  

  • The San Marzano tomato is cultivated in Campania in the provinces of Naples and Salerno, and is a Slow Food Presidium product that is D.O.P. certified.
    Thin-skinned, delicate and with few seeds, it is the ideal tomato for authentic Neapolitan pizza’s.

  • Specialità Tradizionale Garantita. The S.T.G. quality mark is used to denominate traditional food products with a unique and specific characteristic. S.T.G. does not signify that the food product is tied to a specific geographical area, but guarantees that the ingredients, production method, and / or processing are traditional.